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Episode 213: Doomsday

It’s The Cybermen vs. The Daleks with all of the Earth caught in the middle.  As Torchwood falls, Rose faces the hardest choice of her life.

Join us as we discuss Episode 213: Doomsday

The Cybermen have taken over the Earth and The Daleks have exited the sphere bringing an unknown weapon of Time Lord design. And then Pete Tyler and his army cross the dimensional rift to destroy the Cybermen.  The Battle of Canary Wharf has begun.  In all of this, Rose and The Doctor make their greatest sacrifice.

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Wondercon 2017

Wondercon 2017 is this weekend! The Who New Podcast will be there, will you? We’ll be handing out our cards and our buttons and checking out what Doctor Who things we can find on the exhibit floor, who knows, we might even be dressed up… come find us and get a button.

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Episode 212: Army of Ghosts

This is the story of Torchwood.  The story of the Army of Ghosts and the war. This is the story of how Rose Tyler dies.

Join us as we discuss Episode 212: Army of Ghosts

When Rose and the Doctor return home, Jackie tells them that ghosts have appeared around the world for months.  The Doctor discovers that Torchwood is behind them.  And Torchwood is thrilled to finally have The Doctor in their hands.

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Episode 211: Fear Her

On a quiet, suburban street, children are disappearing. The Doctor and Rose have to solve the mystery before the whole world follows.

Join us as we discuss Episode 211: Fear Her

All of the UK are celebrating the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games but the Doctor and Rose discover that missing children are appearing in a lonely girl’s drawings.  What is giving a human child the power to abduct people just by drawing them?

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Episode 210: Love & Monsters

A word of advice – if you are a fan of the Doctor and want to meet him… be careful what you wish for.

Join us as we discuss Episode 210: Love & Monsters

Elton Pope is an ordinary bloke living in London, but he’s seen a lot – mainly because of the mysterious figure called The Doctor.  Joining a group of like-minded fans, Elton discovers that looking for The Doctor can be a hazardous and possibly even deadly hobby.

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Episode 209: The Satan Pit

He Is Awake. The Pit has Opened. Can the Doctor stop the Beast from rising from his prison and bringing chaos to the universe?

Join us as we discuss Episode 209: The Satan Pit

The Doctor is trapped with Ida deep inside the planet while Rose and the station crew are trying to outrun the Beast-controlled, murderous Legion of Ood. Unable to return to Rose, the Doctor decides that his answers might lie even deeper inside the Impossible Planet.

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Episode 208: The Impossible Planet

The Doctor and Rose land on an impossible planet orbiting a black hole and meet a group explorers trying to discover its secrets.

Join us as we discuss Episode 208: The Impossible Planet

He is awake. Stranded on an desolate planet around a black hole, The Doctor and Rose discover an ancient evil.  He is awake and you will worship him. As chaos mounts on the station, they wonder if they truly are confronting the devil. The legion shall be many; and the legion shall be free.

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Episode 207: The Idiot’s Lantern

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then let’s begin.  Your Grandmother warned you that television would rot your brain.  She said nothing about it stealing your face.

Join us as we discuss Episode 207: The Idiot’s Lantern

The Doctor and Rose arrive in 1953 London just before Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation to find the residents of Florizel St are being taken away by mysterious men in black.  Could it have something to do with cheap Television sets being sold by Mr. Magpie?  Plus Eddie Connolly’s brutal treatment of his family push Rose and The Doctor to their breaking points.

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